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Clinical Audiologist/Hearing Aid Dispenser

Clinical Audiologist/Hearing Aid Dispenser


Our companies, PERSIFY Medical Instruments and SOUNDLIFE Hearing Center are looking for dedicated and passionate audiologists who can relocate and work in Indonesia.


PERSIFY Medical Instruments is the sole distributor of SIEMENS Hearing Aids in Indonesia, while SOUNDLIFE Hearing Center is the partner clinic that is authorized to sell SIEMENS hearing aids in Indonesia. As we expand our operations, we are looking for competent and experienced audiologists who can complement our current team and continue our growth expansion.


We are looking for someone who:


·        Can provide diagnostic audiology and rehabilitation services


·        Is competent in all areas of dispensing and patient aftercare


·        Is comfortable in the management of information, including daily company reports and information technologies


·        Is able to operate in line with company policies, procedures and current legislation at all times


·        Is able to commit to the company belief of providing the highest levels of service and aftercare to all customers and clients


·        Can liaise with other healthcare professionals where necessary to ensure that all clients and customers are provided with the best advice


Roles and Responsibilities


·        To manage a caseload of adults and children with hearing loss and associated communication difficulties at various hearing centres in Indonesia


·        To provide services, such as:


o   Pure Tone Audiometry including masking as required


o   High Frequency Audiometry where indicated


o   Middle ear function testing


o   Diagnostic audiology testing for differential diagnosis of cochlear/retro-cochlear hearing loss


o   Testing for non-organic hearing loss


o   Testing for noise-induced hearing loss


o   Tinnitus evaluation and assessment


o   Aural impressions and selection of appropriate ear molds


o   Selection and programming/fitting of appropriate hearing instruments/tinnitus devices


·        To provide appropriate education and support for individuals with hearing loss and/or tinnitus


·        To use appropriate outcome measures, both subjective and objective to ensure hearing instruments are providing maximum benefit and to use evidence based practice to support this


·        To use Real Ear Measurement equipment, including Live Speech Mapping to validate and verify hearing instrument fittings


·        To commit to lifelong learning to ensure that you keep up to date with the latest developments in Audiology


·        To provide education and training for other healthcare professionals and support staff to assist with maintaining the company profile


·        To be responsible for daily maintenance of test equipment and arrange calibration as and when required


·        To provide ear care and wax removal where required (appropriate training will be provided)


·        To follow best practice principles with regard to infection control in the workplace


·        To be able to communicate complex condition related information from assessments to clients, families, caregivers and other healthcare professionals in order to maximize the effectiveness of Audiological Rehabilitation and to engage clients and their family members in the rehabilitation process


·        To demonstrate empathy with clients, families, caregivers and others, ensuring that effective communication is achieved, particularly where barriers to communication exist


·        To be able to manage conflict across a range of situations


·        To provide other clinical duties as appropriate




·        Motivated and focused on achieving own goals


·        Confident about working within a team and autonomously


·        Dedicated to provide exemplary customer service to ensure client satisfaction


·        Have an excellent communication skills, with empathy and patience


·        Desire to do provide the best service and advice to the best of your abilities


·        Graduated with a degree in Audiology, or related fields.


·        Willing to live in Indonesia


·        Able to speak two or more of the following languages:


o   Bahasa Indonesia


o   English


o   Mandarin (Chinese)


If you are interested in this opportunity, please feel free to contact us at


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